Monday, July 18, 2011

Moving in

I had dinner with my cousin Natasha last week. To my surprise she is also getting married. I was surprised because we are fairly close as cousins go and I did not even know she had a boyfriend.

As the conversation got past the claiming of the dates we started chit chatting about all the big decisions coming up.

She mentioned she was moving in with Gayan soon. I said I was moving in with Alek in September ( ironically the big move is the same day for both of us). Expressions both blank. Responses "oh ok" and "that sounds nice". Latin people don't talk that way. EVER. Someone has to say it.

She says very seriously "I am terrified".

I giggle but also out of terror.

"I've been on my own to long" she laughs.

But its a serious problem. Unlike are parents we didn't from school to marriage or from our parents homes to marriage. We have habits. We are set in our ways. As my cousin said "I just like to get off work take off my bra. Throw it anywhere and watch TV".

In truth I totally enjoy alone time. I like my margaritas, Housewife marathons, clothes everywhere life and its ending. Its ending soon. Out generation has the challenge and its brand new.

I'll keep you updated on the journey

Thursday, July 7, 2011


Although I did not realize it at the time 14 turned out to be a pivetol year in my wedding planning. Mostly by default.

When I was 14 I decided I needed to make something big happen in my life. Truth be told 14 is just awkward. Your in high school without a job, boyfriend or car. Stuck. Not quiete fitting in with your fellow classmates or your friends who are still in middle school. In a desperate attempt to make something cool happen I suggested my parents throw me a quinceanera. I felt it was my fight as a "Cuba-rican" to at the very least have a quince. Obviously my parents had other plans that year than spending $20,000 on a Sweet 15 party for there daughter who was only really Hispanic by blood. I pouted and ranted. No Luck. Finally my father gave me a choice, " I will pay for your quinceanera but then I will not pay for your weeding you have to pick". I shouted "If I become a 30 year old cat lady I am going to HATE you". He laughed.

Thank God I chose the wedding. Not only is it far more important but it would be horrible to explain to Alek that I used my chip on a glorified birthday party!

Rebellion was also to be a part of my ninth grade plan. Every Sunday night I spent the entire evening at youth group. It wasn't awful but I could think of much more fun ways to spend my time. I remember the priest telling us we would have to start attending two nights a week if we wanted to make our confirmation as Catholics. He also mentioned casually that no one could make us do our confirmation. It had to be a choice we made as adults. I gloated the whole way home. I was not going to do it. Upon explaining this to my mother she not-so-calmly explained that I was not an adult and I was going to the classes. She also mentioned proudly that one day when I got married I would thank her.

Given that I'm jumping through a million firey hoops to get married in the Catholic church I must admit she was right. Had I have not had my confirmation I would have had to go through so many classes. More than the 13 weeks I already committed to. I think I have always dreamt of this big Catholic wedding I just never really believed it would happen.

I am starting to get excited about all the planning.

Also, just to let you know the date is June 30 at Christ the King. Thank goodness for the Confirmation

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Just Add Groom!

I remember being 19 and sitting in my roommate's bedroom talking about weddings. It was a rainy day and we had seemingly nothing better to do than troll the David's Bridal site for fantasy ideas. She had it all figured out. A fall wedding. Eggplant colored dresses. A princess style gown. She had it all ready. It was like the "Just add groom" wedding. I, on the hand, had a pretty good idea I'd use pink and that was about it.

Here I am though five years later and I have not accquired any new or better ideas. I did however find a groom. I also finalized a wedding date. I am in big trouble!

Everyone around also seems to believe I am just holding out on these ideas. Everyone thinks the "Just add Groom" wedding will come together nicely. I am the type of girl that would do that. I don't know if I never found the time or never let myself believe I would actually get married or was just plain lazy. Either way I got nothing.... as I plan to get married just one week after my former roommate who had it all together I am terrifed. Reception sites. Florist. Motifs (really a motif most people don't have a clue what that ever means). Dresses. Food.

In truth I have no clue about any of this. So the only good solution as a former journalism major is to write it out! Stay tuned for the trimuphs, failures and in true Damara fashion epically good mixups!